Scope of Appraisal
We provide various services related to real estate as well as fair value evaluation centered on fair appraisal.
National Land and Housing Price Assessment System
- Appraisal of “Officially Assessed Reference Land and Housing Price”
- Review of “Officially Assessed Individual Land and Housing Price”
- Land price fluctuation rate research
Government related compulsory acquisition and compensation
- Value of property to determine compensation when property is expropriated for Public Projec
- Value of Property to determine compensation in regard to the Requisition Law
- Value of Property to determine taxation on national and provincial tax
- Value of Property to determine taxation caused by development gains
Improved land presale
- Value of improved land in regard to Act on Planning and Use of National Territory
- Appraisal for subdivision of cropland, disposal of replotting and acquisition of land secured by the authorities in recompense of development outlay Management and Disposal
- Appraisal of management disposal cost in regard to redeveloped property
- Appraisal of presale cost of redeveloped property
Auction and litigation
- Value of property at auction
- Value of property involved in litigation
- Value of mortgage
- Value of collateral for lending purpose
General transaction
- Value of asset appraisal for business establishment
- Business Value for M&A
- Appraisal of plant, machinery and automobiles etc.
Specialized properties and intangible asset
- Mines & mining concessions
- Fisheries and fishery right
- Goodwill
- Securitiess
Real estate consulting
- Feasibility studies
- Property management
- Lease analysis
- Highest and best use studies