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CEO Message
It's expected that the 21st century would be an era of change, an integrated process of globalization and specialization courses in the distribution process is being progressed at the same time. To lead this era of change and novelty, young appraisers armed with specialized knowledge and veteran appraisers full of experience have made company 'KAARAM Appraisal Co., Ltd.' together.
Our company is made up of specialized appraisers by its respective setor to evaluate existing compensation and mortgage evaluation as well as accompanying assessment of real estate investment advisory, development feasibility analysis, business value and real estate securities, and is performing affiliated organization 'KAARAM evaluation R & D institutions' to carry out continuous research for specialized field. Our appraisers are going to give at least 1% of annual sales back to society to fulfill its role as a member of society, and planning to contribute to information sharing by supplying our company's huge amount of knowledge and data with society via internet.
To make the purpose of establishment through, our corporation had made company name as 'Kaaram' by combining both appraiser's permanent object 'value' and society's ultimate issue 'human'. We believe customer's satisfaction is always a priority. We hope to get constant guidance to proceed professional style and faith and will do our best to be the best in our field.
Kim Mun Seok, CEO
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